Heating and cooling a home costs the average family $900 a year, with the hot summer months accounting for a hefty chunk of that. It’s no wonder energy-saving smart thermostats are becoming so popular.

A smart thermostat can react to your activity at home, determining automatically when to save energy and when to cool things down. The more it knows, the more effective it can be, which is why the smartest approach of all is a smart thermostat connected to a ‘sensory’ system that understands what’s happening at home. Alarm.com’s smart thermostat is fully integrated into your smart home security system so it knows what’s going on – giving it some remarkably smart and convenient ways to help you save energy this summer.

1: Say goodbye to “cooling the neighbourhood”

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Contact sensors were designed to alert your security system to an intruder opening a door or window. However, a smart home security system can also use this information to minimize an irritating source of summer energy waste.

If you leave the back door or a bathroom window open with the AC running, our smart home thermostat can react by setting back to save energy. Meanwhile, you can get a smartphone alert to close the door. Once the door is closed, the thermostat returns to normal.

2: Start saving instantly when you secure the house…

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How many times have you left the house or gone to bed before realizing that you forgot to adjust the thermostat? With an Alarm.com smart thermostat, you don’t have to rely on your memory to save energy.

Simply arming your system can trigger your thermostat to set back and save – as well as turning your lights off and your sun-blocking shades down. You can also create a scene, such as ‘bedtime,’ which can do everything for you at once.

3: … and whenever you drive away

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When you’re running late, with work or a road trip on your mind, your AC bill is the last thing you think of. Alarm.com’s Geo-Services can take care of this for you.

This location-based automation feature can use your smartphone’s location to automate your home’s AC based on where you are. When you cross a geo-fence on your way to work, your smart home system can set back the thermostat. Cross the geo-fence on your way home, and smart home system can make things more comfortable upon your arrival.

4: Opt into proactive savings on extra-hot days

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When the mercury rises, so does energy usage. Even so, SecurU customers may have a chance to save money with the Alarm.com smart thermostat.

Smart thermostat gives you the option to automatically have your thermostat set back a few degrees to reduce your home’s cooling load when the temperature outside hits 35 degrees or higher. As it’s still far cooler inside than outside, you’re unlikely to notice—especially when the temperature returns to normal after the heat of the day is done.

5: Stay in the know and optimize

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A smart thermostat can reduce the stress of not knowing how high your energy bill will be when that triple-digit heat wave kicks your AC into overtime.

Alarm.com’s desktop app can help SecurU customers access and track your home’s energy use data, so you can set and work towards energy-saving goals. You can even sign up for daily and weekly energy summaries to see how you’re doing.

Stay Smart, Stay Secure

At SecurU, we like to believe that we offer more than just security; we offer a lifestyle that enables our customers to live a simpler and smarter life. With a smart home system you can not only rest assured that your home and loved ones are safe, but you can also be enjoy the perks of living a simpler and smarter life of automation. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer our services to a range of locations such Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville as well as a range of other places.