In this age of DIY, connected video cameras are the latest thing. They tend to be smaller and more powerful, with features that give you the ability to check in on your home whenever you wish, from wherever you are.

However, the question then arises: are these really security cameras?

If the cameras are not provided by a security dealer and are not connected to a genuine security system, the answer might just be: no.

Why you ask? Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Absence of Monitoring Service

Not having a monitoring service connected to your security cameras may pose a problem. Here is why…

Imagine that there has been a break in at you house while you’re away. Your connected camera may capture the footage and send you the alert in real time, which is great! However, what if you’re away on vacation? Or are on a plane? Even when you spot the alert within a few minutes it is already too late.

This is where the monitoring service comes in handy. Therefore, in the case of emergency like a burglary, the station gets informed and a trained personnel assesses the situation and informs the police when need be. Meanwhile, the camera itself will automatically record the footage of what happened and store in the cloud.

2. The Camera May Be Exposed Vulnerabilities

Installation makes a huge difference. If your camera is poorly placed and can be easily unplugged, it is not a security camera.

It is critical to position the camera in just the right place. Therefore a security camera installed by a professional could be mounted on a high wall or somewhere that doesn’t allow it to be too apparent. It is important to ensure that the camera is placed just right for it to capture a broad range of activity.

A proper security camera typically comes with tamper-resistant features to minimize its power supply’s vulnerability, such as having a battery power, or in-wall wiring. Other features may include various outdoors protection like water and ice-resistance.

3: They Are Not Smart

Real security cameras enhance a smart home security system. Security is not always about catching something bad, it is about peace of mind and comfort. Therefore, proper security cameras have the ability to minimize false video alerts by understanding context.

An security camera has access to context from the entire security system. It knows your arming status, door and window status. It knows if your smart lock is open, and who opened it.

This makes it far more discerning when it comes to alerting you about activity. If you really need a video alert every time your front door opens, you can still get one. But if you just want a single daily alert when your kids get home from school, your security system will filter out everything else. It has the intelligence to figure it out.

Smart Home is More Than a Security Measure

At SecurU we are firm advocates for doing the job right. Yes, we admit that in our day and age, it is easier than ever to be able to do it yourself. However, with that we lose out on many critical elements that make up for a robust security system. This is why we always urge our clients to let us help them install a sound security system with cameras that not only work but continue to do their job when needed most: during a break-in. Therefore, if you would like to learn more please do not hesitate to contact us. We serve various areas ranging from Oakville, Burlington to Milton and Georgetown.

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