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SECUR-U keeps you informed about security issues in our community

Posted by: Doug Penson Posted Date: 07/14/2010

As your local leader in Security Solutions SECUR-U wants to keep you informed regarding important security issues in our community.

The Halton Regional Police is reporting an increase of Overnight Residential Break and Enters; they have recently reported the following:

June 8, 2010 From: Councillor Allan Elgar Ward 4

Residents being warned to close and lock their garage doors!!!!

There have been several incidents of culprits entering unlocked homes and garages during the overnight hours and removing valuables. Cameras, laptop computers, GPS systems and purses are being stolen from unlocked vehicles inside the garage. All residents are being warned to take the following precautions to prevent being the victim of this type of crime.

* Close and lock all garage doors, ground floor doors and windows before going to bed at night

* Do not leave spare keys to the house in your vehicle

* Keep your vehicles locked at all times

* If you have a garage, park your cars in the garage

* If your home has an alarm, activate the alarm system before going to bed

* If you are away on vacation, have a family member or friend check on your home regularly

These are crimes of opportunity, remove the opportunity, and you may remove the crime.

If you or anyone you know are looking for a reliable supplier of home security alarms in Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Georgetown, Acton and Halton Hills, or require service on your existing alarm system with SECUR-U please visit or contact us via phone or email. SECUR-U has been providing highly efficient commercial and residential security alarms, intercom systems, access control, video surveillance and alarm monitoring for over 15 years.


Wireless Home Security Alarms for New Homes

Posted by: Doug Penson Posted Date: 06/07/2010

Home security alarms are devices that will be installed to prevent theft, burglary, and break-ins and also to avert any possible damage due to fire or harmful gases. These alarms are triggered whenever they sense any of these conditions in your home.



In recent years home security alarm systems have proved to be one of the most effective ways to protect your house and loved ones. Wired security alarms, wireless security alarms and hybrid security alarms are the three basic types of home security systems. For homes with a dry walled finished basement ceiling which limits the accessibility to run cable, a wireless home security alarm would be the best solution. Wireless home security alarms allow our clients to install wireless window/door transmitters that will protect the perimeter of the home and wireless motion detection to cover the interior without the need to remove millwork to prevent the possibility of damage occurring. SECUR-U sells wireless security packages that can be tailored to protect your needs.

To understand the basic operation of our system and how wireless works is very similar to how a cordless phone operates. With security in mind, the wireless window/door transmitter communicates to a receiving unit located inside your home that is programmed to identify the serial number of the protection device which we refer to as a zone. Other wireless devices located in or around your property may communicate with a different wireless frequency that will not compromise your security or create false alarm conditions. Each wireless device has a battery and the control panel monitors the battery condition to ensure effective operation. Once a low battery is detected you will be notified with a trouble condition on your keypad prior to failure.

Wireless home security alarms are preferred by many home owners for one reason. If you decide to move to a new home, these security alarms can be easily removed and re-installed into your new property. For added safety and security additional features like video surveillance, intercom systems and medical systems can be incorporated into your home. Wireless home security alarms have become imperative to protect your house from intruders and other threats like fire and flood.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of wireless home security alarms in Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Georgetown, Acton and Halton Hills, please visit or contact us via phone or email. SECUR-U has been providing highly efficient commercial and residential security alarms, intercom systems, video surveillance and alarm monitoring for over 15 years.

Residential Alarm Companies in Milton

Posted by: Doug Penson Posted Date: 04/29/2010

Residential Alarm Companies in Milton

SECUR-U Inc provides FREE hardwired security systems for only $24.95 per month with an initial term agreement of thirty-six months.  Click here to see what's included in our basic protection package.

Secur-U has been providing efficient residential and commercial security alarms and medical alarms to residences in Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Georgetown, Acton, and Halton Hills since 1994. Request a quote for our alarm monitoring service and download a coupon that will help you get started.


Residential and Commercial Security Alarms

Posted by: Doug Penson Posted Date: 02/05/2010
Reduce False Alarms at no added cost by simply adding two signal dispatch to your home or business alarm system. Most importantly your existing security system must be tailored so that you have sufficient coverage to implement this service. Here is how it works; by activating two signal dispatch on your alarm monitoring with SECUR-U the operators at the central station will immediately notify the premise and key holders only upon receiving one independent zone signal (ex: one door or one window or one motion detector or one glass break detector) but will not notify and dispatch the police. When any two zones are received (door + motion, motion 1 + motion 2, glass break + motion, etc...) the operator at the central station will dispatch police, call the premise and contact the key holders on your security alarm account. Contact SECUR-U for further details by clicking this link: We look forward to tailoring the right solution for your security needs because at SECUR-U we are "Working Together for a Safer Community"

Will my pet set off my Alarm System?

Posted by: Doug Penson Posted Date: 08/24/2009

Will my pet set off my Alarm System?

Pets are safe from false alarms with SECUR-U in Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Georgetown 

You can have pets with our SECUR-U security alarms, our DSC wireless motion detector (model #WS4904PW) and hardwired motion detector (model # BV-300DP) feature pet immunity up to 60 lbs which is a combined weight of all animals.


Being an animal lover myself, our family includes a sturdy chocolate Lab that weights more than 60 lbs and I have installed many motion detectors protecting the interior of our home, but saying that because of the size of our four legged friend we must remember to arm our security system in the stay mode whenever our dog is home to bypass the motion detectors in our residential security alarm or a false alarm will occur.   We chose to install the motion detectors so that we would have added protection to our house when our dog or family members are not there.



Specifications from the DSC manufacturer:


The Digital Bravo3P PIR detector is specifically designed to provide optimum catch performance

and enhanced false alarm prevention in environments containing pets. It utilizes digital technology, a microprocessor, Multi Level Signal Processing (MLSP)*, dual operating parameters, automatic temperature compensation and a unique pet rejection lens to provide effective and reliable detection of human motion and good protection against nuisance alarm associated with pets weighing up to 60lbs (27.3kg).

The detector also provides excellent immunity to such false alarm producing influences as RF, static and electrical transient. This technology, plus exceptional design care and careful factory testing, ensure years of trouble free performance.


Where should I locate the motion detector for best coverage?


Select a detector location that will provide the coverage required and will allow the detector to be mounted a minimum of 6.5ft high and not higher than 10ft (7.5ft recommended). Consider the following to avoid false alarms:

• Do not aim the detector at a stairway which a pet has access to. Do not place furniture or objects higher than 3 ft, which a pet can climb onto (e.g. a cat on a couch), closer than 6 ft to the detector.

• Mount the detector flat on a wall or in a corner. Do not angle it downwards or use mounting brackets with this detector.

• Do not aim the detector at reflective surfaces such as mirrors or windows as this may distort the coverage pattern or reflect sunlight directly onto the detector.

• Avoid locations that are subject to direct high air flow such as near an air duct outlet.

• Do not locate the detector near sources of moisture such as steam or oil.

• Do not locate the detector in the path of direct or reflected (mirror) sunlight.

• Do not limit the coverage by having large obstructions in the detection area, such as plants or cabinets.

What is the best security system?

Posted by: Doug Penson Posted Date: 08/24/2009

What is the best security system?


I hear this question over and over again, so here is a little explanation.  In my opinion the best security system is a product like DSC that will handle the majority of end user requirements with ease of use.    The first question I ask my prospective residential clients is how do you plan on using your system? Are you're looking to arm your system while you’re at home, work or a combination of both?  If you are looking for greater security while your home then consider protecting all opening perimeter windows and doors as when you are home the motions are bypassed in the stay mode and will add no enhanced protection to you.  If you are looking for protection while you are at work, consider protecting all the perimeter doors then add one or more motion detectors to cover the interior if an intruder was to enter through a broken window and travel throughout your home.


The keypad that gets installed with our security alarms is really simple.  When arming you have three options, simply press the button with the empty house to arm in the “away” mode, press the button with the person in the house for the “stay” mode or simply enter your code.  Our SECUR-U security system is smart, after entering the code if the system does not detect a door opening during the delay period it knows that you haven’t left and it will bypass the motion detectors for you so that you can walk around without tripping the alarm.   If you open the door during the exit delay the system knows you left the property and will turn on the motions for added security.


To disarm your system enter your four digit code, once the red armed indicator goes out the system is effectively disarmed.


Want to make your security alarms easier?  Consider purchasing a remote control, then with the simple push of a button while pulling out of the driveway you can arm your system.  We sell a significant amount of remotes because your system must be easy and if easy is what you are looking for then do yourself a favor and get the remote installed.


Click here to view our online videos for further assistance.

Monitored Smoke Detectors

Posted by: Doug Penson Posted Date: 07/17/2009

Our wireless DSC smoke detectors are ideal for residential or commercial alarm clients with applications where running wire to a smoke detector location is either difficult or impossible. With no wires to run, our installers are able to provide you with a clean and professional installation.

False Alarm Reduction

Our manufacturer DSC is committed to reducing false alarms and has integrated a number of features into the wireless smoke detector to provide reliable detection. One important feature is drift compensation. It provides a constant level of sensitivity performance for extended operation. As dust accumulates in a detector it adjusts to maintain the original factory-set sensitivity, thereby minimizing the potential for false alarms. If the detector reaches its limit of compensation, it will Indicate a trouble condition well before the sensitivity increases to a level where false alarms will be generated.

If you wish to have a wireless smoke detector added to your monitored security alarm, please call our office today.

• Your insurance provider may provide further discounts to your insurance policy if you have alarm monitoring with fire protection.

Reduce Alarms with Two Signal Dispatch

Posted by: Doug Penson Posted Date: 07/10/2009

A great way to reduce false alarms with your monitored home security alarm is to activate two signal dispatch

Two signal dispatch functions as follows:

* When only one signal or zone is received from your monitored security alarm to the alarm monitoring company (ex: foyer motion detector) the central station will notify the premise and key holders but will not dispatch the police unless directed to do so by the keyholder that the station representative contacts.

* When two signals or zones are received from your monitored security alarm to the alarm monitoring company (Ex: foyer motion detector and front door contact) the central station will dispatch police, notify the premise and phone keyholders.

This service is only recommended if you have sufficient zone protection and coverage.   This service is not recommended if you are only protecting windows and doors and do not have any interior security such as motion detectors or glass break detectors.

For more information regarding this service contact us online.



Why Lease your Video Surveillance System

Posted by: Doug Penson Posted Date: 07/03/2009

SECUR-U provides the opportunity to lease your new video surveillance system, access control system, alarm system or intercom systems.  

A common questions is why should I lease rather than purchase? We did some leg work to find you the answers from our source National Leasing.

Here are some quick reasons:

Conserve Cash - Leasing allows you to conserve cash and leverage up the buying power of your operating or capital budgets, thereby overcoming budget limitations. A $30,000 annual equipment budget is leveraged up considerably through leasing

100% Financing - Unlike most traditional financing, in most cases you do not make any down payment on the structure.

No Pre-Payment of Taxes - You pay GST and PST on rentals. You DO NOT prepay the total taxes on the equipment in full up front.

Preserve Lines of Credit - Valuable cash and lines of credit are preserved to grow your business. No one in business experiences financial difficulty because they have too much cash.

Potential Income Tax Benefits - In many instances, leasing provides income tax benefits and the assets do not appear on the balance sheet. Debt to Equity ratios are unaffected.

Pay as You Profit - You establish equipment costs in today's dollars, and pay these costs incrementally in inflated future dollars, as the equipment is used. You can add extra equipment and accessories for very small monthly costs.

Tailored Payments - Repayment can be tailored to your cash flow. Budgeting is simple

Now it's up to you, the options are available to order your SECUR-U video surveillance system, Intercom System solution.  Order NOW! and someone from our sales team will be in touch shortly.


Security Alarms - Arming your security alarm

Posted by: Doug Penson Posted Date: 07/03/2009

Residential security alarms have two primary options of arming which are the "Stay" and "Away" mode.  The main difference of these functions is that the motion detector(s) protecting the interior of the home will be bypassed in the "Stay" mode,  Bypassing motion detector(s) allows the homeowner to have the perimeter armed and maintain the comfort and protection while in the home. 

When arming your securtiy alarm in the "Away" mode both perimeter and interior devices such as window contacts, door contacts and motion detetors will protect the perimeter and interior of your home. 

If you choose to arm your alarm system by entering a four digit code instead of a quick arm button such as "Stay" or "Away" your system is intelligent enough to determine if you have opened a door and left within the exit time permitted.  If you do not open a door within the established delay period the security alarm panel will bypass the motion detector(s) inside the home automatically to prevent a false alarm.

If you have an alarm wireless system you will have the option of a wireless remote or pendant which is available for convenient arming with the push of a button.  This pendant can be added to your key ring for easy use when entering or exiting your home.

 Check out our online videos for futher assistance with arming or disarming.


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