Introducing "Helm" the Kantech Mobile APP for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Here is what "Helm" can do for our Kantech hattrix clients with card access:

- Manual operations

- locking and Unlocking of doors

- Create or modify new users and cards including taking pictures

- Looking at all live events

- Modifying schedules and access levels.

- Requesting reports

- Activating and deactivating of relays

- Shunting and unshunting inputs User rights

hattrix is an ideal solution for small to medium sized companies, education, municipal, manufacturing facilities, property management, food service, heathcare, logistic operations etc that want to provide a keyless facility with full control, flexability and ease of use.

Want more information on hattrix "click here", if you feel hattrix would be a great solution for your company "click here" to have a qualified specialist from SECUR-U contact you to determine that this product would be the right fit.

If you are a security dealer and would like to provide hattrix solutions to your clients email to receive your dealer start up package from My Managed Security Inc.