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Audio & Video Intercom Systems

SecurU offers a wide array of residential intercom systems.  We are experts in replacing existing wired residential door bells with two-way voice only intercoms, installing video intercoms to display a visitor at the door, or creating a whole in-home audio intercom with music and audio communication per room or floor. Depending on your needs SecurU will find an intercom solution that best fits your lifestyle and budget.

Intercoms provide communication within your home.   Tailor your system with personalized options. If you are a music lover you can program your home intercom to wake up your family to your favorite radio station, turn up the volume in the shower, or turn it down during dinner to create a soft ambiance.

Video intercoms are available for added integrity for your family safety. The one-way video screen will allow you and your family to see who is knocking at your door without the visitor knowing if you are inside your home.  With picture memory, the video intercom can save the image of the visitor to view when returning home so that you are aware of who you missed.